Thursday, June 28, 2012


We took our tent trailer to the beach a couple of weeks ago.  What fun!  We found an RV park in Brookings that was RIGHT on the beach. It was wonderful.  We met family over there and Sage and Nala played non-stop with the cousins. 

We already have reservations for 2 more weekends on the coast this summer. 

The tent trailer was wonderful.  See how close the beach was? 
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Family Reunion

Nala met her mama Zoe at the dog park today.  She's the one laying on the ground.  Her brother Blu was there too!  They played and played and played.  Nala was exhausted when we got home.  I loved hearing all the stories about Nala as a newborn (she was so big, her owner was certain there were two puppies in the sac...but no, she was just huge!).  She was the 5th of 7 puppies and came 6 hours after the 4th one.  Her birthday is October 3.  Zoe's owner rescued her and when she took her to the vet, she was informed she was pregnant.  She had all 7 puppies in an apartment!  She had a lot of people who wanted the puppies, but she had decided to take them all to the Humane Society where she knew they would be fixed, vaccinated, and the families would be screened.  She said Nala was the most timid & submissive of the bunch.  Nala's mom has a blue and brown eye too! I thanked her for all the love and care she gave Nala before she became ours.  It was always very obvious that Nala was well cared for before she came to be with us. 
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our New Baby

And this time it's not a pet!  We finally made the plunge and bought a tent trailer.  We have been wanting one for about 3 years.  Found the pefect one in Salem and Scott is on his way right now to get it!  Taking her on her maiden voyage this weekend to Brookings!  It's Sage and Nala's first time on the coast too.  So excited!  We are meeting Scott's sister and her family over there, so Sage will get to play with her cousins all weekend.  She is counting down!
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kindergarten Round Up


Today was Kindergarten Round Up at Sage's elementary school.  She got to tour her classroom and I got to register her.  I just can't believe she is starting school in the fall.  Time flies......

And of course, a photo of Nala.  Her and Riley relaxing in the grass.
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Guess who.......

Loves the lake? Yep.....Nala Bug! We had a nice day today, so decided to take Nala & Sage to Agate Lake. Scott kayaked and I supervised the lake play.
The second we took Nala off leash, she ran directly into the lake.
They played for two hours straight!
This was our first time taking Nala off leash and she did great. We walked around quite a bit and she stayed right with us.
We have always loved going to the lake, but with Nala it gives us an extra incentive (keep the puppy exercised!), so I imagine it will be something we start doing more frequently.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012



Nala is approaching 6 months.  She has went from being such a good girl to a girl full of naughty ideas.  Her recent escapades include tearing up Riley's dog bed, breaking a sprinkler line, trying to chew up our pool cover pump (she is constantly on top of our kids safe pool cover), and tearing around the back yard with a big mouse in her mouth! Even with all her naughtiness, she is still such a joy to us.  As you can tell, she loves having her picture taken.  We spend a lot of time at the dog park with her and whenever someone brings out a camera, here comes Nala, stopping in front of it and posing.  She continues to be a wonderful addition to our family.  Sage loves her to pieces of course! 
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We had a little snow on the Valley floor today. It was our day off, so Sage enjoyed it for hours this morning.

It didn't slow Riley and Nala down. We had to take Riley to the vet yesterday. Having Nala around has been hard on his old body. He is having some symptoms of arthritis in his back end. Did some lab work (which was great) and getting him started on some medication.

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